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E Sea Tracker

The Marine Inventory Solution

E Sea Tracker, the solution to the problem of managing the many spare parts needed to maintain a boat.


Inventory Management

Being organized allows you to be more proficient in everyday life. It couldn't be more important when you're heading out sailing for weeks on end.
E Sea Tracker will become your 1st mate; your go to app which will give you every detail concerning your boat inventory, the condition and location of your boat's spare parts and your orders.

Boat Storage

Having some form of order aboard doesn't just allow you to maximize storage space but allows you to find replacement parts when needed much more efficiently.
Rather than searching your navigation table looking for that piece of paper or finding the correct excel file on your device which has your boat inventory listed. The E Sea Tracker App will tell you exactly where your spare inventory is at a click of a button.

Managing Suppliers

Ordering multiple parts either before a voyage or during a voyage can be a frustrating process, not only dealing with different suppliers but sometimes dealing with multiple currencies, and then keeping up with tracking orders.
E Sea Tracker will do all this for you. A couple of clicks on your E Sea Tracker app will allow you to view all preferred suppliers, compare prices from each preferred supplier and view the progress of orders made. All in one place and at a couple of clicks of a button!

E Sea Tracker - Simple. Clean. Flexible

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Additional Features

E Sea Tracker - Simple. Clean. Flexible

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