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Managing Suppliers

Managing Suppliers

Many countries, Many Vendors

A key element of sailing for many people is travel. One of the great joys is being able to go places in a way that the journey is as enjoyable as the destination.

Even if you don't travel, many parts have multiple suppliers. E Sea Tracker is designed to make ordering parts a simple and intuitive process. That means that it should allow you to order parts from as many vendors as you want.

There's no limit to the number of suppliers you define for a part – every time you order a part from a supplier you can quickly and easily update the price for existing suppliers or create a new supplier entry for that part.

That also means that you need to be able to show prices in the currency of the supplier. For example, in the Caribbean, there are some international chandlers who use different currencies depending on the country in which the outlet is located.

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Supplier Information all in one Place
E Sea Tracker has no problem recording multiple locations in multiple countries with various currencies for any supplier. You can view all the different suppliers of a part and compare prices in your currency while still maintaining pricing in the host country's currency. A preferred supplier location can be specified for any part which makes automatic ordering possible no matter how many suppliers you have. Easy. Simple. Intuitive.
Custom Built Shopping Cart
As you might expect with this level of sophistication, it also comes with a shopping cart to help organize the parts you need. There's a simple function which automatically orders all necessary parts using the preferred supplier. You then review this proposed list and approve, reject or modify it as desired.
Direct Communication
And you can be as organized about it as you want. The shopping cart can be used directly or you can use the full featured purchase order system to create purchase orders. These orders are fully integrated with the part inventory so changes you make to the order are instantly reflected in the inventory. You print the email, leaving in the system or email it directly to the vendor from within E Sea Tracker.
Purchase Orders Made Easy
Purchase Orders are a powerful means of keeping track of progress fulfilling orders. It keeps track of back orders and can even cancel undelivered the order for undelivered parts. All of this reflects back on the part list so your inventory is always current. E Sea Tracker lets you look at historical orders in a variety of ways as well as keep track of pending, active and partially received orders.