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Inventory Management

Inventory Management

Ready to set sail?

Before you leave port on a long voyage you need to make sure that you have all the parts you're likely to need on the trip. That means being able to locate those parts to verify they're on board, in the right quantity and in good condition.

It also means you need to order parts when you don't have enough. Making a list can get the job done but it's hard to maintain this sort of thing and you'll inevitably forget something.

E Sea Tracker is designed to do all of this for you. It knows where all your parts are, how many of that part you're supposed to have, what their condition is and where you buy them.

It can even track parts by bar code and supports pictures. In short, using E Sea Tracker, you know when you're ready to set sail. You can leave port with the peace of mind of knowing that you have the parts you need for a safe passage.

Boat Storage ≫.

Save Time
How many times have you spent hours trying to find the price on a part. E Sea Tracker can keep track of the price you paid from each vendor in whatever currency you used. It knows the manufacturer, its part number, the supplier, its part number and makes ordering replacements quick and easy.
Offshore Safety
You don't want to have to tear your boat apart at 2 in the morning in a raging storm to find a part. It only delays resolving an emergency and it's dangerous. E Sea Tracker will remember where you kept the parts even if they're scattered all over the boat and you can decide the easiest location to use and quickly find it.
By organizing your parts into containers, you keep related parts together and make it super easy to reorganize storage, just change the location of the container and everything in it moves. You can verify the contents of one container at a time and E Sea Tracker will keep track of which containers and locations haven't been verified.
Peace of Mind
There's enough to worry about on a boat besides whether you've got the parts you need. E Sea Tracker is designed for this purpose.